Beautiful mural in the Petrinjska steet showing a giant shell

Have you ever seen the giant shell in the Petrinjska Street (south of the main square)? We love seeing artworks around Zagreb, so we always take a photo when we’re walking next to beautiful murals like this one. It was made by Lonac, within the Rendez-vous manifestation (Festival of France in Croatia).

The most colorful roof in Zagreb – doesn’t it look amazing?

The St. Mark’s Church, located on the Upper town in Zagreb, is one of the oldest building monument in the city, built in the 13th century. It is located on the square with the same name, and it’s most known because of its colorful roof.

Got tired of bad weather? Well, go above Zagreb and enjoy it

Have you ever visited a town for the first time and bad weather spoiled? Well, Zagreb has a solution for that. If you visit Zagreb during a rainy day, there may be a solution for that. This was one of those days when we were tired of bad weather, so we went on the Medvednica mountain (to be more exact, …