You can check the weather situation in the Park Zrinjevac

At a time when we all have smartphones, the whole world in the palm of our hand, we rarely use mechanisms that our grandparents could not live without in the past. One such piece of history, still in function of the meteorological pillar and history, is located on the northern side of the Zrinjevac park.

The Meteorological pillar was set up in 1884,as a gift of Dr Adolf Holzer’s military doctor and amateur meteorologist. It is made of marble from Istria, meteorological parts are purchased in Gottingen, the clock is the work of the Zagreb watchmaker Konig and the pillar was created to the plans of the architect who “built Zagreb”, Hermann Bolle.

From 1960, the pillar is being taken care of by the most famous watchmaking family in Zagreb – the Lebarovic family.