The are a couple of beautiful parks right in the center of Zagreb

With around 700.000 citizens, Zagreb is the largest and the most populated city in Croatia. Like most of the capital cities around the world, the city center is almost only concrete. It looks really beautiful, especially the old architecture you can notice on all buildings in the center, but we all like nature, and Zagreb has a solution for all of us.

Park Zrinjevac from above

Right in the center, near the main square, there are a couple of places where you can enjoy nature without driving a car.

One of the most known parks is the Park Zrinjevac, located just a couple of minutes of walking south from the main square.

Park Zrinjevac
Park Zrinjevac
Park Zrinjevac

The next park on our list is the King Tomislav square, also a couple of minutes of walking. Just proceed south after the Park Zrinjevac. Those two places are the part of the Lenuzzi’s horseshoe, but we’ll talk about it later on.

King Tomislav Square

You like those two places, but you want more „forest-like“ place? No problem! The Park Ribnjak (ribnjak = pond) is a place for you! Just walk to NE for a couple of minutes (also from the main square) and you’ll enter a beautiful park surrounded with green.

Park Ribnjak
Park Ribnjak

You want more? There are two more places we would like to show you.

The first one is a small park located next to the Tower Lotrscak, it is called Vranyczany Plateau (Croatian: Vranicanijeva poljana). It’s just in the center of the town, but it’s quite peaceful. Also, a bonus park: it’s not really a park, but you should check it out – the Strossmayer promenade, just below the Vranyczany Plateau, or next to the Tower Lotrscak.

Vranyczany Plateau
The Strossmayer promenade
The Strossmayer promenade: panorama from the east end of the promenade

And, the last park requires a bit of walking – Rokov perivoj. It is located above the British square, 10-15 minutes of walking to the west (from the main square).

Rokov perivoj

So, ready for a walk?