The Lotrscak Tower: One of the most BEAUTIFUL views of Zagreb

The Lotrscak Tower, located just above the Zagreb’s funicular, belongs to the group of the most famous symbols of Zagreb, and is considered to be the only preserved buildings of the city’s old defense system. Although many people enjoy some beautiful views of Zagreb from the Strossmayer promenade, where the tower is located, only some decide to climb to the top of the tower itself and enjoy even more spectacular view.

But not everything is about the view. Great experience is the climbing to the top and of course, the Gricki cannon, whose shot echoes throughout Zagreb every day at noon. Let’s talk some numbers about this protected cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia: the tower got its present appearance in the 19th century, it is 19 meters high, but when we count the roof (5 meters) and the dome (6 meters), we come to a total of 30 meters.

Inside the tower

As you go towards the viewpoint, you can see the photo exhibition about Zagreb in the interior and also the Gricki cannon. And when you’re approaching the top, the staircase gets narrower and that can bother claustrophobic visitors, but don’t let fear make you give up on this rise.

Inside the tower

South view; the Lower town
North view; the Upper town