We made a random post about a Sunday morning walk around Zagreb

Sometimes we plan on going to the city and making interesting stories for you guys and girls, but this post was something else. While photographing around the center of Zagreb, we decided to take random photos and put it together in one post.

Here’s that post, containing random images of Zagreb during a Sunday morning.

Empty Ilica street
Have you seen this artwork made by the Julien de Casabianca? Search him here on our website to check out a gallery we made about this beautiful mural on the farmers market Dolac
View of the Gunduliceva street from the Strossmayer promenade
From the Strossmayer promenade
The tower Lotrscak
Zagreb’s funicular – the shortest of its kind in the world
One of 214 lamps on the Upper town
Just Upper town stuff
“Don’t mind me, I’m just getting a tan!”