Zagreb owns the shortest funicular for public transport in the world

There are several options for climbing to the Upper Town. For example, a climb to Strossmayer’s promenade from the Mesnicka Street (from the west), Zakmardi’s stairs (from the east), Radiceva Street, and the steps below the Tower of Lotrscak. All these options have something else in common – climbing the stairs. Climbing to the Upper Town is not easy, especially during extremely hot days.

Because of this, many choose a 64-second long drive on the Zagreb funicular. Apart from saving yourself from sweating and losing your precious time, it is an impressive moment when you start climbing up to the Upper Town with the funicular.

The story of the funicular starts in 1888, when the Osijek construction contractor D.W. Klein began to put his interest in the frequency of pedestrian traffic in the area of ​​Bregovita Street (today Tomiceva Street). He noticed that people were going to the Upper Town using mostly that way, and not Mesnicka or Radiceva Street (once known as Duga Street). On October 6th, D.W. Klein submitted the application to the City Government for a building permit that was granted after two days. Work began in May 1889.

After almost four years, they started off with a permanent ride. Throughout the year, frequent breakdowns occurred in the operating section, which is why sometimes the passengers had to push the wagons. In 1929, the funicular became a property of the City of Zagreb.

Over time, the entire propulsion was outdated, so the plans for reconstruction started. The new funicular was launched in July 1974, and in 2005, both upper and lower stations were renovated.

In the end, we will briefly pass through the technical characteristics: as you know, the funicular has two wagons that fit 28 passengers, each wagon’s load capacity is 2240 kg. The maximum allowed speed is 1.5 mps and we have already said that the ride lasts for 64 seconds. The height difference is 30.5 meters (half a meter higher than the height of the Tower Lotrscak).

The next time you need to get to the Upper Town, the decision is up to you: either you will recreate and decide to take the stairs, or you will save time and elegantly ride to the Upper Town.