The Strossmayer promenade: One of the most beautiful places in Zagreb

Sunday morning, the sun is just beginning to rise above the horizon, and Ban Josip Jelacic Square counts only a dozen citizens and sleepy tourists. A sight awaiting for us as we leave the empty tram, and heading to Radiceva Street. Just as we entered Radiceva, we turn left towards Zakmardi’s stairs, and the pulse slowly starts to accelerate as we climb toward Strossmayer’s promenade.

The south promenade is the first public promenade in the city of Zagreb. The decorating began in 1812, and one year later the promenade was completed. The name comes from bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer in the middle of the 19th century, and today’s form Stross, as it is called by the locals, got in 1912.

Under the thick shade of chestnuts, the poet and writer Antun Gustav Matos sits quietly and enjoys some of the most beautiful panorama of Zagreb, which can be seen with a 400 meter long promenade. Already after the last step of Zakmardi’s stairs, we were rewarded with a view of the east and south of the city.

Statue of the famous Croatian writer Antun Gustav Matos

It is time to walk to the western part of the promenade. Although much greener and more wooded, this part of the promenade also hides some panoramic views of Zagreb, for example, a view of Gunduliceva Street. We are approaching the goal of about 400 meters and the winding trail leads us towards the end of Strossmayer’s promenade that goes out to Mesnicka Street.

Gunduliceva street
The south panorama panorama of the city
The south panorama of the city
The Strossmayer promenade: panorama from the east end of the promenade

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the famous Tower Lotrscak is located on the Strossmayer promenade.

The Tower Lotrscak