The story of the busiest bridges connecting the city of Zagreb

In the Zagreb area, from Zapresic to Ivanja Reka, there are 11 bridges, such as the Podsused Bridge, the Jankomir Bridge, Adriatic Bridge, the Bridge of freedom, the Bridge of youth, the Domovinski Bridge, and other five. In this post we will talk about the five most known bridges.

Adriatic, Sava and Railway Bridge

We started from the west side. The first bridge was built in 1981, to the project of Zvonimir Loncaric. The Adriatic Bridge was built with the intention of replacing the Sava Bridge which could not cope with the city’s traffic needs, and has three lanes in both directions, tram railway and pedestrian area.

Adriatic bridge

The length of the bridge is 313.7 meters and it carries one of the main access roads of all those coming from the south of Croatia.

Adriatic bridge

The Sava Bridge is meant only for pedestrians and bikers, built in 1938, on the columns of the old (red) bridge, to the project of Milivoje Frkovic.

From the Sava Bridge there is a view of the Railway Bridge, better known as the Hendrix Bridge. It is a bridge built in 1968, with a length of 440 meters and a width of 9 meters.

Pedestrian bridge
Hendrix bridge

The Bridge of freedom

This bridge, often called the “Central Bridge”, was opened on 02nd of September in 1959, and represents an important communication link between Zagreb and Novi Zagreb. Before the Bridge of freedom, the entire traffic took place across the Sava Bridge, which was quite a detour, given the fact that the bridge is somewhat westward.

When constructing, about 1600 tons of steel were used and the bridge sections were built of stones that were drawn from the island of Brac.

The bridge of youth

This six-lane bridge built in 1974, is 300 meters long and 36 meters wide. The bridge construction, whose architect was Vojislav Draganić, is steel with concrete carriers. This bridge connects Zagreb’s neighborhoods Savica and Zaprudje.