Statue of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla in the Masarykova street

The monument to the greatest Croatian inventor, Nikola Tesla, is located at the crossroads of Preradoviceva and Masarykova / Teslina Street, and it’s a work of Ivan Mestrovic. The memorial is 2.5 meters high, it is cast in copper, and it was intended for the Rudjer Boskovic Institute. But Meštrovic opposed the idea of moving the monument anywhere or making …

The Courtyards: Another great edition of the popular manifestation

The Courtyards are one of those events that we enjoy every year! It allows everyone to check out courtyards of the palaces located on the Upper town, the oldest part of Zagreb. Some of these places are usually closed for visits, but during Courtyards you can go there and enjoy refreshments with your friends.

Well of Life: Sculpture in front of the Croatian national theatre

The Well of life is a masterpiece, located in front of the impressive building of the Croatian National Theatre, whose author is the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. The work was created at the beginning of the 20th century, and in 1912 it was placed at today’s location.

The highest viewpoint looking at Zagreb you’ll ever find

If we take into consideration that the Sljeme radio-television tower is located at 1,031 meters above sea level, and the viewpoint is located on the 83rd meter of the tower, we can say freely that these photographs were taken from almost the highest point in Zagreb!