The unique tradition which separates Zagreb from the rest of the World

Since the 1877, the Gric cannon fires every single day from the Tower Lotrscak exactly at noon. That is pretty cool, but the legend why it all started is awesome! The legend says: Zagreb was under siege by the Turks, and one day the servant was carrying a rooster to the pasha. At one moment, the cannon fired and hit …

Are you craving for some fresh fruits after a long walk? Visit Dolac!

If you really don’t like visiting huge shopping center for buying food, we would like to invite you to visit the oldest farmers market in Zagreb. It’s located in the Gornji Grad – Medvescak city district, well known for its combination of traditional open market with stalls and sheltered market below.

Professor Balthazar is the most famous professor in Croatia

Have you ever heard of the Professor Balthazar? If not, stay with us and read more about the famous Croatian cartoon created by the Croatian animator Zlatko Grgic. Professor Balthazar is a Croatian animated television series for children, produces between 1967 and 1978. It is about an old inventor who solves problems with his magic machine. There were 59 episodes …

What is your favorite location you’ve visited as a tourist?

Have you ever been to Zagreb? Yes? Then probably you’ve visited most of its popular places. For sure, you have visited its main square, you’ve taken a couple of photos from the Strossmayer promenade or even from the Tower Lotrscak, you’ve seen the most amazing roof ever…

The main square in Zagreb is the most visited place in the city

The Banus Josip Jelacic is the main square in Zagreb, so it is expected to be the most visited place in Zagreb. The main reason for that is the location of the square itself: it is located in the oldest part of the city which is rich with history – both in architecture and with interesting legends.