One of the first monuments you see when you come to Zagreb

If you are visiting Zagreb and you came with a train, you must’ve seen the Art Pavilion in Zagreb. It’s one of the first monuments you see when you exit the Zagreb Central Station. It’s a beautiful yellow building located on the beautiful King Tomislav Square, just in front of the railway station.

Do you know what Zagreb and Orient express have in common?

You’ve probably heard of the Orient express train, but do you know what does it have in common with Zagreb? One of the most known hotels in Zagreb, Esplanade, was built in 1925 to provide accommodation for passengers on the Orient express, the legendary train which travelled between Paris and Istanbul. The hotel was the focal point of Zagreb society, …

Our favorite time for going on a photowalk – Sunday morning

Here’s another gallery of the photos captured during a Sunday morning (yes, we love to walk around the city on a Sunday morning!). It was a bit cloudy, but we gathered a nice collection of images while the city was still sleeping.

The most colorful roof in Zagreb – doesn’t it look amazing?

The St. Mark’s Church, located on the Upper town in Zagreb, is one of the oldest building monument in the city, built in the 13th century. It is located on the square with the same name, and it’s most known because of its colorful roof.

One of the biggest residential buildings in this part of Europe

Mamutica is one of the largest residential buildings in Europe, and the largest in Zagreb and Croatia. It is located in the district of Travno in Novi Zagreb. It was built in 1974, to the project of Djuro Mirkovic, and it is 240 meters long, 60 meters high and has 19 inhabited floors where around 5,000 residents live in 1,169 …