The Upper town lanterns: One of the coolest traditions in Zagreb

Next to many interesting locations and buildings around the oldest part of Zagreb (which is called the Upper town), this time we would like to show you one really cool tradition which you can witness every day in the late afternoon. The Upper town streets have a really specific way of illuminating – with 214 gas lanterns.

Story about the only preserved part of the city fort – The Stone Gate

The Stone Gate are the only preserved part of the defense fort of the Upper Town. It is assumed that the Stone Gate were built in 1266. On May 31, 1731, there was a great devastating fire on the Upper Town, and undamaged Virgin Mary painting from the 16th century was found in the ashes: “Our Lady of the Stone …

The Upper town in Zagreb has a pet… it’s a big blue whale!

Within the Rendez-vous festival, back in 2015, the Upper town in Zagreb got its new… let’s call it a pet. Yes, Zagreb got a new pet! French artist Etien made a new mural on the plateau Gradec, and it’s a big blue whale! Honestly, since we all love murals, this is super cool!