Statue of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla in the Masarykova street

The monument to the greatest Croatian inventor, Nikola Tesla, is located at the crossroads of Preradoviceva and Masarykova / Teslina Street, and it’s a work of Ivan Mestrovic. The memorial is 2.5 meters high, it is cast in copper, and it was intended for the Rudjer Boskovic Institute. But Meštrovic opposed the idea of moving the monument anywhere or making …

Back in 1933, Zagreb got its first skyscraper in the Masarykova Street

We recently wrote about eight skyscrapers in Zagreb, and this time we have focused ourselves to the oldest one. Architect Slavko Lowy, born in 1904, in 1933 realized his most significant achievement, nine-story tall skyscraper located at the crossroads of Masarykova and Gunduliceva Street, just across Kalina’s house.

You can check the weather situation in the Park Zrinjevac

At a time when we all have smartphones, the whole world in the palm of our hand, we rarely use mechanisms that our grandparents could not live without in the past. One such piece of history, still in function of the meteorological pillar and history, is located on the northern side of the Zrinjevac park.