One of the first monuments you see when you come to Zagreb

If you are visiting Zagreb and you came with a train, you must’ve seen the Art Pavilion in Zagreb. It’s one of the first monuments you see when you exit the Zagreb Central Station. It’s a beautiful yellow building located on the beautiful King Tomislav Square, just in front of the railway station.

Zagreb has its own Egyptian mummy located in the Archaeological Museum

Did you know that Zagreb has its own Egyptian mummy? This archaeological rarity can be found in the Archaeological Museum in the center of the city. The mummified person is Nesi-hensu, wife of Paher-hensu, the “divine tailor” from Thebes. The mummy was wrapped in linen bandages with a text inscribed in the Etruscan language. This is known as the Zagreb …

Do you know what Zagreb and Orient express have in common?

You’ve probably heard of the Orient express train, but do you know what does it have in common with Zagreb? One of the most known hotels in Zagreb, Esplanade, was built in 1925 to provide accommodation for passengers on the Orient express, the legendary train which travelled between Paris and Istanbul. The hotel was the focal point of Zagreb society, …

Croatian inventors have their own murals in the Upper town

You may heard of Tesla, right? Not the car Tesla, but the scientist by which the car factory got its name. Nikola Tesla was a famous Croatian inventor who discovered electricity, so the Zagreb art scene had to make something for him. He got his mural, together with the other Croatian inventor (Slavoljub Penkala), on the Upper town in Zagreb. …

The Upper town lanterns: One of the coolest traditions in Zagreb

Next to many interesting locations and buildings around the oldest part of Zagreb (which is called the Upper town), this time we would like to show you one really cool tradition which you can witness every day in the late afternoon. The Upper town streets have a really specific way of illuminating – with 214 gas lanterns.