Beautiful mural inspired by the prose satire Guliver’s travels

This is a post about a beautiful artwork located on the Opatovina (Kaptol) showing Guliver (from the Guliver’s travels). Actually, it is inspired by the Guliver’s travels, but the model was a photographer Hrvoje Zalukar. Croatian street artists, Boris Bare and Dominik Vuković, made their own version of the Guliver, and we really like it!

Mural inspired by one of the most known novels – The Little Prince

Most of the murals you can see in Zagreb are located somewhere near the center of the city, but not this one. This mural, showing The Little Prince (originally Le Pettit Prince) is located in the eastern part of Zagreb (Dubrava). It is on a wall of the underpass under the Branimirova Street.

Croatian inventors have their own murals in the Upper town

You may heard of Tesla, right? Not the car Tesla, but the scientist by which the car factory got its name. Nikola Tesla was a famous Croatian inventor who discovered electricity, so the Zagreb art scene had to make something for him. He got his mural, together with the other Croatian inventor (Slavoljub Penkala), on the Upper town in Zagreb. …

Beautiful mural in the Petrinjska steet showing a giant shell

Have you ever seen the giant shell in the Petrinjska Street (south of the main square)? We love seeing artworks around Zagreb, so we always take a photo when we’re walking next to beautiful murals like this one. It was made by Lonac, within the Rendez-vous manifestation (Festival of France in Croatia).