The highest viewpoint looking at Zagreb you’ll ever find

If we take into consideration that the Sljeme radio-television tower is located at 1,031 meters above sea level, and the viewpoint is located on the 83rd meter of the tower, we can say freely that these photographs were taken from almost the highest point in Zagreb!

The main square in Zagreb is the most visited place in the city

The Banus Josip Jelacic is the main square in Zagreb, so it is expected to be the most visited place in Zagreb. The main reason for that is the location of the square itself: it is located in the oldest part of the city which is rich with history – both in architecture and with interesting legends.

The are a couple of beautiful parks right in the center of Zagreb

With around 700.000 citizens, Zagreb is the largest and the most populated city in Croatia. Like most of the capital cities around the world, the city center is almost only concrete. It looks really beautiful, especially the old architecture you can notice on all buildings in the center, but we all like nature, and Zagreb has a solution for all …