The Upper town lanterns: One of the coolest traditions in Zagreb

Next to many interesting locations and buildings around the oldest part of Zagreb (which is called the Upper town), this time we would like to show you one really cool tradition which you can witness every day in the late afternoon. The Upper town streets have a really specific way of illuminating – with 214 gas lanterns.

Every day, just before the sun disappears behind the horizon, the employees from the City gas company start lighting up all of them, which creates a magical atmosphere up there.

The first lanterns were lit up back in 1863 (there were 364 lanterns), and the number was getting larger until the World War I, when the gas lanterns were slowly getting replaced by the electricity.

Lighting those 214 gas lanterns around the Upper town, Kaptol and Opatovina lasts around 2-3 hours, no matter how the weather treats them.

These are the images of the lanterns around the St. Mark’s square and the Stone Gate getting lit up during a late summer afternoon.