This park is one of the most beautiful small parks in Zagreb

Park, also known as Krešimirac, is a small park at the King Petar Kresimir IV square. It’s known for the fountain called Cosmic cycle of water (originally Kozmički ciklus vode).

Renewal was supervised by the City Office for the conservation of cultural and natural heritage since both park and the fountain are author’s work under protection. After the renewal, Zagreb was given a little heaven for its citizens to enjoy greenery and sound of water.

Park Krešimirac is work of an architect Ćiril Jeglić, from 1938, and it is considered extremely valuable achievement of park architecture and first ever example of moulding city park keeping the principles of contemporary park architecture profession in Croatia. Other “inventory” of the park, such as fountain and the pool Cosmic cycle of water are made by Josip Seissel in 1935.