Three clocks around the city with totally different stories

There are three different clocks near the main square in Zagreb which tell their own stories.

We’ll start with the one that is located on the main square in Zagreb and which has the most modern story of all these three clocks. If you’re meeting with someone from Zagreb, just say “Meet me under the clock”, and that person will know that you’re talking about the clock located on the main square in Zagreb. Like it’s the only clock in the city!

The magical clock

The second clock is the one on the Tkalca street. This is the sundial clock integrated to the house wall, and it was made in 1955 as a master’s thesis for the Academy of Applied Arts.

And, the third one, actually doesn’t work, but there’s an interesting story behind it. On the side wall, north of the cathedral, there is an old clock that shows 7 hours, three minutes and three seconds – the moment when Zagreb struck the most striking earthquake in its history. It was November 9, 1880, and 24 hours after the earthquake 3800 passenger tickets were sold at the Main train station, which said a lot about the fear among citizens.